Kendall Karmanian Inc.


Kendall Karmanian has been called a lot of things, some of his favorites include "dangerously spectacular", "unstoppable" and "tall." He is fun and funny, a gentleman both on and off the field, with passion for photography, furniture, design, and humanity in general. He would like it if people started listening to their voicemails before calling back, and refrained from texting while driving.
Kendall has an almost innate ability for fixing things, and thoroughly enjoys taking the long way home, on foot. Kendall has begun devoting his life to handmade craft, particularly steel and wood functional objects and furniture, most often utilizing discarded materials and reclaimed items. He wanted me to tell you that he appreciates the time you took to read his bio. Kendall continues to live and work in the Ukrainian Village, Chicago with his beloved goldfish Haste.